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Chromatography and machine parameters

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  • 12/03/2018 al 12/02/2018
  • Διάρκεια: 8 hrs
  • Τιμή 550 €


This particular day is devoted to one of the major themes of the Bible, Chapter 1 written by Mario Gisbert himself.

At the end of the day the trainees will be able to fully understand the use and parameters of each machine and how they can combine them in many different ways so as to achieve in detail the desired result each time in duration and clarity.

Trainees will also understand how you create a color of semi-permanent tattoos, different material parameters used by manufacturers, how to recognize them, and how they can influence the end result of their work in relation to the technique they have chosen, with many fun exercises and games, they will learn not to be afraid of the color and use it with awareness of the expected results!


This Pigmentology – Parameters & Colors Masterclass is suitable for both new students or experienced permanent makeup artist

The chemical composition of the coloring preparations is just one more variable of the many that intervene in color result and its duration over time, which actually depends on the combination or summation of all these parameters: color bases (inorganic and organic) ), excipients (liquid or viscous preparations, hydrophobic or hydrophilic), phototype and subtone of the skin, typology of the needles (diameter, taper, roughness of the tip, grouping, linear, circular, increasing, decreasing or in the shape of "U") speed of movement (of the machine and of the hand), penetration (depth, inclination, pressure), position (trajectory, projection) and geometric shapes of the stroke of the hand movement (pattern).

In this course, you will understand how the parameters are the main basis of a good technique and how it affects the final result of a treatment. We will also see the typologies of colors and their incidence in the world. This training is a great tool to understand the world of micropigmentation and the application in our day to day.

This course is suitable for both new students or experienced permanent makeup artists.


  • Parameters: Geometry of movement
  • Angle of penetration / Depth of penetration / Variations in penetration depth
  • The colour selection process
  • Characteristics of the colouring agents (pigments)
  • The chromatic star in pigmentology
  • Generated colours, bi-generated colours and tri-generated colours
  • The colour palette / Blends
  • Colour variations by application method / Colour variations depending on the area to be treated

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