SCALP 3 - Beauty Medical & Pigmentalia Certification Μικροδιαβροχή του τριχωτού της κεφαλής

2 days (16 hours)


Once or twice a year Milena Lardi herself will come to assess all the students in order to grant them Beauty Medical & Pigmentalia certification. You will perform several treatments during the days.


This assesment day will be the final part of your advanced training where you will be performing treatments under supervision of Milena Lardi. After this assessment you will become a certified and authorized Beauty Medical & Pigmentalia technician

After successfully completing SCALP 3 you can be added to our international Pigmentalia websites under our approved technicians sections.

By joining our certified Pigmentalia technicians you will be able to increase your reputation online and get ahead on your competitors.

The yearly Fee for the listing on this website is £ 500 (ex VAT). You can opt in our Social Media campaigns which will be charged at a fixed rate per quarter.

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Εκπαιδευτικό Πρόγραμμα Μικροδιαβροχή του τριχωτού της κεφαλής